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Resident Evil 4 cheats

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While playing new Resident Evil 4 you will see how complicated it is. You will face lots of terrible monsters and you will find it very difficult to get rid of all of them. It will be necessary for you to show how smart and skillful you are. So, just try! But first, look at the cheats below! Maybe some of them will be really useful for you and will make some of the most annoying troubles disappear.

Weapon. These are some tips how to make a right choice of weapon and how to get needful items. 

• Step #1: Look at the list below and learn more about the capacities of weapons. Learn how to unlock and to use them more effectively. Note that each weapon has a special power when all its stats are on maximum.

Your first shotgun – find it on the second floor of the northeast building (it is situated in the village where you first meet the chainsaw not-zombie).
Punisher – the penetration capacity of each bullet is 5 bodies at once. To get this weapon ask the man, who sells upgrades, to give a quest for you. If you find out 2 secret areas and shoot more than 10 blue medallions, the cherished punisher pistol will be yours.
Red 9 – can increase firepower to 5.0.
Matilda - increases magazine capacity to 100. To unlock this weapon you should clear the game. Blacktail - increases firepower to 3.4.
Minethrower – increases the blast radius of mines.
Rifle - increases firepower to 18.0.
Riotgun - increases firepower to 10.0.
Striker - increases magazine capacity to 100.
Semiauto Rifle - decreases firing speed to 0.40 seconds.
Shotgun - increases damage range.
Broken Butterfly - increases damage to 50.0. To unlock it you should go to the hall (south of the hedge maze) with Ashley and make her open the door. Note that if you find this weapon, you will not be able to buy it. Thus, it is better to buy it first and then you can double your ammo when you find the weapon.
TMP - increases firepower to 1.8.
Rocket Launcher – to unlock it you should beat the game on normal, since then you are able to buy Infinite Launcher.

• Step #2: Learn carefully how to reload your upgraded weapon. The thing is that you should not reload it before you get the upgrade because the upgrade refills your ammo!

• Step #3: Learn how to aim better! To center your gun on aim press L1. This will permit you to aim straight ahead.

Money: try to get more money using the small tips below!

• Do not sell Elegant Mask and Beerstein when you find them. Use gems to make their value higher, then sell.

• Keep it in mind that you can keep all of your weapons and items after you beat the game. Just start a new one with cleared game option. This will help you to save money.

• Find in the Castle at the top of a ball room the monks and throw a grenade. You will receive a spinel or a los illuminados pendent for every single person.

• In the lava room, kill one of the bossess by throwing him in the fire pit, then kill the second one as you usually do it, thus, you will get a lot of money. Now leave the room, enter it again and take the money for the second boss from the pit’s edge.

• You can collect the gold of the enemies you killed in the pile of bones. Find it in the next room which is on the other side of the cliff (after the Mine Cart Ride, use timed action buttons to get there, when the cart is falling).
Health: use different ways to restore you health.

• Complete healing can be achieved if you mix green, red and yellow herb.

• At the lake, fire at fish, then take a boat and pick up the fish. It will also raise your health (depends on the fish size).

• If a snake jumps out ,when you destroy a wooden crate, keep on using your knife. When the snake is killed, you get a healing egg.

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