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NeoPets cheats

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Once, you entered this wonderful world where now your own neopet lives. Of course, you find it very interesting to play such a game but sometimes your failures can really disappoint and even irritate you. Indeed, it is practically impossible to play some games without a little tip or without using a secret code that will give you a chance to gain more advantages. So, use this small tricks collection just to get rid of many unpleasant moments you can face in the game. Cheat codes below (they can be typed either before or while playing a certain game) are useful to solve the most frequently issues.

Tricks with the time. The following combinations will help you to do different operations with the game timer. Pay attention! Some of them can be used only once per game (marked with *). Moreover, to save the time (if you are a very impatient gamer!) you can just skip some levels.

сustard – gives more time (Carnival of Terror)
scarabaeus - 30 seconds more (Suteks Tomb)
doughnutfruit – helps to reset the timer (Hasse Bounce)*
novisitors - 30 seconds more(Moon Rock Rampage)*
juice-o-matic – resets all timers (Meepit Juice Break)
kougra - skips levels (Frumball)
kougra – also skips levels but you loose points and score
ummaginethief - skips levels and kills your score (Grand Theft Ummagine)
superbowl - skips levels (Gourmet Club Bowls)

Tricks with your score. It’s easy! Just when entering one of the codes below (where it can be used) you will gain extra points and increase your score.

rainbownegg – gives 25 points rainbownegg (Jelly Blobs of Doom)
fishnegg - gives 50 points more when you recieve a fishnegg
sheperd - doubles your score (Gourmet Food Bowls)

Tricks with your game-life. Only in games we can have more than one life. So, go and get your additional life with the help of these codes!

frumball - in Frumball
kreludor - in Kreludan Mining Corp
hungrymeepits - in Meepit Juice Break
spiderbite - in Korbat's Lab
trappedkadoaties - in Warf Rescue Team
marrow - in Warf Rescue Team
rampage - in Moon Rock Rampage

Other useful tricks. These tricks will be very helpful in different situations.

rehaxtint – an extra letter hint in The Castle of Eliv Thade
lava - a shield appears (Volcano Run)
turdle - a turdle appears on your opponents side
stardust – switches bubbles to Nova Bubbles (Faerie Bubbles)
scallywags – makes a whirlpool (Dubloon disaster) 
buuuurrrrrrrrp - decreases your bloat by 50% (Snowmuncher)
pyramibread – get unlimited hints (Suteks Tomb)
nopopups – kills all popups (Advert Attack)
destroyboulders - removes all blocks of one color (Destruct-O-Match II)
slumberberry – kills the blocks (Faerie Bubbles)
a5paragu5 - Bigger Mallet (Whack-a-Staff-Member)
faerieland - switches bubbles to Rainbow Bubbles (Faerie Bubbles)
faeriebubbles - all the bubbles becomes of one type (Faerie Bubbles)
superlaser - doubles laser range (Moon Rock Rampage)

Tug-o-War passwords:
lrlrss - Horak
lrslsts - Theibos
sltltsr - Khadir
sslrtrl - Ramset

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