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RuneScape cheats

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How to become more experienced and to earn money

• Increasing your mining and crafting will help you to earn money. Just create something and sell it.

• Moreover, when you are at Port Sarim, ask a man in the blue uniform to take a ship to Karamja. There you must find the first house on the right where you will meet another man dressed in black, who will ask you to pick bananas. You can earn 30 gp by picking 10 bananas and putting them in the crate. Ask for more job and earn your easy money!

• When your rune misteries quest is completed you are able to go to the rune essence mine where you will find a bank near the Varrock Rune Shop (take a pickaxe with you). Make a teleportation and then mine the essence till it becomes full. Now take the rune essence to the bank. Do this set of actions again until you have enough essence to sell it. For 500/1k/1.5k of the rune essence you will get 10k/20k/30k.

How to make a colored text
In Rune Scape Classic it is possible to make a colored text. For example, if you type and enter text @blu@, the following text will be blue. Note: you must enter only three first letters of the name of the color (yellow ->@yel@, green -> @gre@).

How to get a scife
First, you should go to Varrock and find the place with a bunch of logs there. Then, use weaken on it but before make sure that your magic is high enough. At level 22 you can kill Three Spirit and get nature runes and a scife at last!

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