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SiN Episodes Emergence cheats

  • Platform: PC
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These cheats will give you more power and open lots of secrets of the game. First, find "SE1", then "cfg" folders in the game directory and save "config.cfg" file in order to avoid some unpleasant consequences. Only after this you can make any changes in it! Open the file in your text editor and replace 0 by 1 in con_enable. Then look for the bind toggleconsole command and see which key you should use to enable the console while playing the game. In most cases it is "~". By pressing this key you can bring up the cheat console when you play. For the first time you do it, type "sv_cheats 1" in the console to switch to the cheat mode. Now you can enter any cheat code you like from the list below. To disable cheat mode just type "sv_cheat 0". Enjoy!

Cheat codes:
god - god mode
health [#] - set health points
ai_disable - enemy artificial intelligence
autolife - get health after you die
buddha - no death even you've been damaged
noclip - you can walk through walls
notarget - enemies don't shoot you
undie - get 100 health points after death
hurtme [#] - set hurt point for health
mat_wireframe 1 - you can see through walls
r_modelwireframedecal 1 - show enemy damage points in wireframe mode
sv_noclipduringpause 1 - noclip while pause
sv_infinite_aux_power 1 - infinite power
setang - set view direction
setpos - set position on the map

But that's not all. Moreover, you can use different command which, actually, can be found in the "cvarlist.txt" file. I chosen the most important and useful ones and listed them below.

Cheat commands:
bind [key] [command] - set any key to a certain command
give [item] - get an item (weapon_magnum, weapon_scattergun, weapon_assault_rifle, weapon_grenade)
reload - reload the current save file
restart - restart the current level
kill - suicide
maps - map list
map [mapname] - choose a map
shake - shake your character
sv_gravity - with a low number it's possible to fly, 600 is default
jpeg [file name] [quality] - make and save a screenshot with quality 1 - 100
cl_showfps 1 - shows frames per second and filename of the current map
cl_showfps 0 - disable the command above
cl_showpos 1 - shows current position and angle on screen
crosshair 1 - enable crosshair
crosshair 0 - disable crosshair

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