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Fable cheats

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Your life is full of adventures now, your life is always a choice between evil and good, between black and white. Your character and appearance develop in numerous fightings with mighty enemies but even their power cannot stop you when you save the citizens’ lives and kill the monsters! The following pieces of advice will make your virtual life much easier and give you some more advantages and benefits!

Gold. To get more gold, purchase the house in Oakvale (5000g), then mount the most expensive of your trophies, smash the door and sell the house. Now pick up your trophies (since the door is open) and purchase the house. If to repeat this, you will earn quite a lot!

Experience. You can get max experience from your "Ages of Might/Skill/Will" potions if you hold onto them until you have a really high combat multiplier.

Trick with an inn. When you don’t want to pay for rest in an inn, just go to any house and sleep. Note: get outside it before the screen blacks out.

Trick with card pairs. If you cannot remember card pairs and need to write them down, you can pause the game, despite the fact that this function in not available here. Just remove your controller and the cards will be still on the screen, so you can easily beat the game then.

Trick with character. To make your character extremely huge, use Berserk, save the game and then load it.

Save your stuff. You can start a new quest with all equipment you received in the previous one. Save your hero in the middle of a quest and reload the save. Use this trick to get infinite money and items such as keys, potions, etc. 

Renown points. To get a huge amount of Renown points, buy a spade, first. Second, choose a new Quest -> Boast. It will carry you to the Boast Podium. Stepp off it and find a place where you can dig. Keep digging until you will have a lot of people around you. Now it’s time to take a Trophy and to show it off! The result will be great, for sure!

Free Temple of Avo. When you have a lot of money, go to the Temple and save the game. Then donate all your money at the pedestal. Be quick to press A (before an icon in the bottom left corner of the screen appears) to activate the pedestal and donate zero money. Repeat these actions to get more and more points!

Trick with time. A gateway between two areas will help you to stop the game timer. Make Berserk and Assassin Rush pass through this gateway. Hold 'down' on the thumbstick when the loading screen appears. Turn back where you just were and keep the thumbstick held down. Reload the game and see the effect! Now you can steal, make a teleportation or whatever you want. To unfreeze time you should dig somewhere.

Hidden Message. If to use "Krunk" for your hero's name, you will receive a hidden message.

Opened Demon Door. In Knothole Glade, don’t use an arrow! A Charged up Fireball will keep the door opened else it will be very hard to open it. Nevertheless, if you are a mage, you can use your crapy skill.

Welcome to Cheatology, Gamer. You'll never know defeat again!