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Halo 2 cheats

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This guide will open you some other secrets of the game and will teach you:

• how to skip some battles or other events

• how to find weapons and to increase your ammo

• how to activate different modes which permit you to enable new features and abilities

Skip something:

• To skip Banshee flight (Arbitor) you should zoom to the tower (it will be on your right). When you see a navigation point, go to it. Doing this, you will skip 20 minutes of flight.

• To skip the fight around the Delta Halo tower, continue after the cutscene until you see a crate. Now jump on it, then on the ledge and walk around. If it loads a check point, it means that you’ve just skipped the battle.

• To skip Brute battle fly to the right of the control center, when you are still in Banshee. Aim to the bottom right and you should find a white screen soon. When it’s over, you will be right at the final boss.

• To skip sniper alley (Outskirts) go through the hole in the wall the first pair of hunters created. There will be a destroyed wall on your left, jump on it and keep jumping until you see the roof tops. Then there will be a highway, you should walk across it. Then you come up to the slope and see the hotel. If you reach it, you will skip sniper alley.

To get infinte camo: When the camo mode is active, go trough a check point (after the envy scull). Now use "reset to last checkpoint", then save and quit. Next turn off the xbox and when you reload you will have unlimited camo.

To get unlimited sword ammo: When finished the first level of the two-part mission having a sword with no ammo, in the next level, you' will find yourself with a sword that has unlimited ammo.

To have 3 pistols: In the level when you can get three pistols, pick up the first one, then select you second weapon and pick up dual weapon. To pick up another pistol come up to it and press X. Since then, you can go and take the third one (press Y to set it in to your left hand).

Blind Mode: Jump on the top of the door (Outskirts) and then jump to the left platform. If to go to your left, you will see a dark corridor. Keep walking until you see the skull. Pick it up and, when he says “blind”, you screen become black for some seconds. You won’t see your weapon, ammo, etc. in this mode, but you can easily disable it (save -> quit -> select Cairo Station in Campaign -> skip cinematics -> save -> quit -> go Outskirt).

Assassins Mode: Search for the skull when start on "regret". To find it you must jump from the front awning of the lift (before the first underwater elevator) to the ledge with two turrets. Then jump on the next ledge and go to the back of the building.

Iron Mode: When you enter the final Gravity Lift on the last Master Chief Level, be attentive and try not to pass the skull (hold X before you meet it). If you grab the scull, the iron mode will be activated.

Angry Mode: If you find the skull called Angry, it will make your enemy fire faster. To find it go to the outdoor area with dirt when you are trying to get the index from the Prophet of Truth. Enter the room and on your right there will be a wall, you must get on its top and follow until you reach the skull.
Sputnik Mode: Find a tunnel when turning around at the beginning of "Quarantine Zone" (legendary). Go through the tunnel and cross the open area. There will be a broken pipe tunnel on your right, look for a small ledge above the green pit, get on it and walk until you come across the Sputnik skull. In this mode explosion force is greater.

Thunderstorm Mode: This mode turns all Covenants into their spec ops rank. So, go to the "Priority Shift" (level "Cario Station", legendary) until the room with plasma turrets. Clear out this room, get on the area with the plasma turret on the side of the wall with the window. Find two parallel beams above, climb up on the upper ledge, then onto the beams, w

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