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Madden nfl 2006 cheats

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Now you got a chance to play as your favorite fotball player and in your favorite football team! Prove your excellence and show your perfect skills.. and, of course, use the cheats you can find here to save your face!

Getting Points: Try these methods to get more and more easy points.

• While in SS Training Mode, call a Hail Mary and a field goal block for defence, next, get rid of the ball. Since then you can go to the endzone with WR and get 48 points for a play. Remember: you should not simulate, just play every time you do this training.  

• On the day you have a game, go to the Performance Institute and do your practice. Thus, when you get points, add them to attributes. Quit and save your superstar season. Now go back to the calendar, then to the map. Return to the Institute and do the practice again to gain more points and to add them to the attributes. It is a quite easy way to max out your attributes because you can do these actions without limits.

Movie questions: You will have to answer some questions when you get the movie offer. See correct answers below.
1)  answer #3
2) answer #2
3) answer #2
4) answer #1
Cheat codes: If you want to unlock cards, you have to enter one of the corresponding cheat code. Go to the My Madden -> Madden Cards -> Madden Codes. Now you can enter a code chosen from the list below.

2W4P9T: (1st and 15 Bronze) opponent gets 15 yards for a first down for one drive
2Y7L8B: (1st and 5 Bronze) sets first down yards to 5 for one play
3F9G4J: (3rd down Bronze) opponents get 3 downs to make a first
3E9R4V: (5th down Bronze) you get  5 downs to make a first
3J3S9Y: (Da boot Bronze) unlimited field goal range for 1 play
3D3Q3P: (Extra Credit Bronze) 2 points for every interception and 1 point for every sack
3H3U7F: (Human Plow Bronze) Broken Tackles increase by 25% for the game
3H8M5U: (Super Dive Bronze) diving distance increases by 25% for the game
3D8X6T: (Tight Fit Bronze) opponent's uprights get very narrow for 1 play
2Z2F4H: (Unforced Errors Bronze) your opponent fumbles every time he tries to juke for 1 play

How to unlock cards: You can receive some cards if you get gold in a particular drill, for exemple. Let this list of cheats help you.

Card 3 - All-Madden Chase and Tackle
Card 28 - All-Madden Coffin Corner
Card 36 - All-Madden Ground Attack
Card 40 - All-Madden Precision Passing
Card 52 - All-Madden Swat Ball
Card 96 - All-Madden Trench Fight
Card 58 - All-Madden Clutch Kicking
Card 16 - All-Madden Pocket  Presence
Card 194 - Chase and Tackle 
Card 195 - Ground Attack
Card 197 - Clutch Kicking 
Card 199 - Swat Ball
Card 208 - Pocket Presence
Card 209 - Trench Fight
Card 210 - Precision Passing
Card 211 - Coffin Corner 

Note: Cheerleader/Pump Up Crowd Cards 250-281 can be received by completing each team's Situation in Mini-Camp mode (exceptions: Cincinnati Bengals (251), Dallas Cowboys (260), San Francisco 49ers (264), St. Louis Rams (273).

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