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The Matrix Path Of Neo cheats

  • Platform: XBOX
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This game is for those, who really enjoy the Matrix movie! Do you remember that pitiful Mr. Anderson who was a real loser until he eventually met the man in black? And now, if you ever wanted to be in the Neo’s skin, now you got a perfect chance to walk his path. You are going to fight and fight, to repeat all those feats you were astonished by, while watching the movie. You will develop you character and skills, you will grow with Neo and reach the goal in the end! But wait. It is not an easy way you’ve chosen. Need some hints? Well, you are pretty lucky ‘cause all you need you will find below! 

Invisible platform. There is a platform (actually, you can’t see it) with a pick-up on it. You can get there if you find the side of the street which face in the direction of the helicopter crash.

How to save Morpheus? Make the agent come to the edge of the roof and dodge around him twice. You will make him dizzy and then press Red + Focus to kick him off the rooftop. Thus, you will save some time to get to Morpheus.
The trick with the Spoon. The "Spoon" Atman Principle is available after the level has been completed, you should select it in the Path of Neo screen.

In-game cheats. You can unlock all cheats if you complete the game of a particular difficulty. See below what items are available if you done this.

weapons: easy
bullet reflection: easy  
all weapons: normal
vampiric health: normal
infinite health:hard
all the things: hard

Unlockables: A lot of useful things can be unlocked if you do a particular action. Here’s the list of unlockables and the description how you can enable this or that function.

Code Breaker: you should complete all of the training tutorial objectives
Zion Archive Level: upgrade the icon in the 8 o'clock position on the Atman Principle
Code Breaker (Combo): find the Operator's "secret stash" in the hallway on the way back upstairs
"The One" Difficulty: defeat Agent Smith
Art Graveyard (Media Viewer): shoot down the helicopter
Quick Kicks (Combo): touch the top two platforms at the end of the level
View Staff Combos: perform three Silent Takedowns in the Tool Shop
Sword Trainer: go behind the waterfall and smash the pots
Seraph’s Apology: destroy one piece of the eight tables in the room and all of the posts
Machine Gun kick (Combo): find the pickup behind the two rear fruit stands at the end of the market area

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