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The Godfather cheats

  • Platform: XBOX 360
  • Keywords: The godfather cheats for xbox 360

To get $5,000, you have to pause the game and press X, Y, X(2), Y, click Left Analog-stick. Take into your account the fact that there is a five-minute lockout before this code you can enable the code again. To avoid this, save the game, quit it and reload.

To refill health, pause the game and press Left, X, Right, Y, Right, click Left Analog-stick. After you have entered the code, do the trick described above.

To get full ammunition, pause the game and press Y, Left, Y, Right, X, click Right Analog-stick.

To unlock all movies, go to the main menu or pause the game and enter Y, X, Y, X(2), then click Left Analog-stick.

To unlock movies, you have to complete the indicated mission or collect the indicated number of film reels:

Regarding Sollozzo: "The Alley" mission
Mr. Bonasera: "The Enforcer" mission
Meeting With Sollozzo: "A Grave Situation" mission
Sonny And Tom Disagree: "Intensive Care" mission
Sonny And Tom Argue Again: "Fireworks" mission
Mr. Woltz: "Death To The Traitor " mission
Trigger Too Tight: "Horseplay" mission
Mattresses Montage: "A Recipe For Revenge" mission
Sicilian Sign: "Sleeping With The Fishes" mission
Five Shots: "The Don Is Dead" mission
Johnny Fontane: get 10 film reels
Don Sends Luca On An Errand: get 20 film reels
Are You Ready To Do Me This Favor?: "Change Of Plans" mission
The Don's Demise: "Order To Kill" mission
Carlo Goes For A Ride: "It's Only Business" mission
The Baptism: "Baptism By Fire" mission
Luca's Demise: get 30 film reels
The Don Is Dead: get 40 film reels Good Morning Mr. Woltz: get 70 film reels
Sonny At The Tollbooth: get 85 film reels
Sorry Sally: get 100 film reels
Where's Michael?: "Now it's Personal" mission
Spoiled Guinea Brat: "The Silent Witness" mission
Carlo Learns A Lesson: "Sonny's War" mission

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